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Our vision is to provide quality services and solutions to our clients globally, and help them go beyond their business. This vision lies at the beneath of our services and offerings. Everyday, we live our vision like a reality, and our entire team believes in it.

At Ennovata, we have been answering to every possible demand from key verticals to help our customers with ideal solutions. This dedication has helped us in delivering one of the efficient products in the education domain. Our Library Management Software has proved to be efficient and ideal for both large and small libraries. The software has been developed using latest development technologies available in the market.

Suitable for libraries, schools, colleges, and other resource institutions, the software comes with numerous benefits and features for its users. The basic objective of this software is to streamline the management at libraries for better user experience.

Some of its key features include:

  • Ability to maintain and manage various media types:  An informational resource can come in any form of media. From normal books to documents, and CDs to videos, our software allows you any form of media effectively and efficiently for better management. This makes easier for any library to keep track of all available information resources at one place.
  • User-friendly navigation: At Ennovata, we designed products that are user-friendly and easy to use. Our target audience is at the core of our any product delivery. Therefore, we deliver very simple to use and navigate library management software. We want our customers to have maximum utilities and benefits from our products.
  • Ability to customize for better results: We do understand that every user has its own demands and requirements. We have allowed our customers to customize our library management software to suit their requirements. Users can add fields; define criteria for better management of records.
  • Effective search capabilities: One of the key features of our library management software is enhanced search functionalities. Users can search for required books, catalogs, and necessary information by specific words, phrases etc. This adds value to the overall experience of the user.
  • Managed circulation: One of the core aspects of library activities is the circulation of resources. With our software, you can easily keep track of all circulation activities for future reference. This makes the search for particular book or resource easier and faster.

Who can use our software?

  • Public libraries
  • Educational institutions
  • Charity organizations, and
  • Resource centers

Benefits of using our library management software:

  • Better management capabilities
  • User-friendly services
  • Effective report generation
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Superior quality
  • Streamlined process
  • 24×7 online and offline support
  • Easy installation process

At Ennovata, customer interaction is one of the critical aspects of our business, and we have maintained ‘no non-sense’ attitude in addressing this aspect. The use of online tools; and robust infrastructure portrays our seriousness towards our customers and valuable customer interactions. Be it a support query or new inquiry, our team is always ‘on the toe’ to deliver best of best services to meet our customers’ expectations. We treat every interaction as very important, and are ready to go ‘extra mile’ to deliver real time results for improved business productivity.


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Our mission is to help our customers overcome information technology challenges and achieve business goals. We are on a mission to help these organizations overcome such challenges and choose right solution to meet their business goals.